FANTAELX 2014 – English version


In its second edition, Elche Fantastic Film Showing – FANTAELX became the Elche Fantastic Film Festival – FANTA ELX, with the screening of works from all over the world and awarding an honorary award to Colin Arthur in honor of his professional career.

A program of activities was also designed to watch on the big screen some of the most outstanding short films of fantastic cinema, some of them awarded with Silver Méliès, Golden Méliès, Goya Awards and Oscar Awards.

Complementary activities were also carried out, attracting filmmakers from all the province to attend the colloquium “The Fantastic Panorama in Alicante”.








First award: “Prólogo“, by Lucas Figueroa.


Second award: “Subterráneo“, by Miguel A. Carmona.


Third award: “Sangre de unicornio“, by Alberto Vázquez.


FANTAELX Special award: “Mr. Bear“, de Andrés Rosende.


Special mention: “Dientes de otro“, by Manuel Ortega Lasaga.


Special mention: “Candyhearts“, by Joan Martín Giménez.


Friday, February 21, 2014.
Place: L’Escorxador.
Conducted by the actor Fele Pastor.


20:00h-23:00h: Screening of short films in competition.

Dientes de otro, by Manuel Ortega Lasaga (Spain).
El príncipe y el dragón, by Álex Navarro (Spain).
Hogar, hogar, by Carlos Alonso Ojea (Spain).
El otro, by Jorge Dorado (Spain).
Timothy, by Marc Martínez Jordán (Spain).
Baskin, by Can Evrenol (Turkey).
Horizonte, by Aitor Uribarri (Spain).
Zombi, by David Moreno (Spain).
The body, by Paul Davis (UK).
Subterráneo, by Miguel A. Carmona (Spain).
Sangre de unicornio, by Alberto Vázquez (Spain).
Splattercamp 13, by La Zertin (Spain).
El ritmo en sus venas, by Juan A. Poveda Paredes (Spain).
Similo, by Zacarias & MacGregor (Spain).




Saturday, February 22, 2014.

11:30h-14:00h: Colloquium “The fantastic panorama in Alicante”.
Conducted by the journalist Óscar González, 8 fantastic genre projects are presented, covering different disciplines:

Leónides y el mosquete de Trafalgar, by Aarón Lillo.
Berenice, by Ramiro Lapiedra.
Operasiones Espesiales, by Paco Soto.
Proyecto USA, by Miguel Herrero Herrero.
Relatos, by Gregorio Sánchez.
Los muertos también bailan, by Tercer Tiempo Audiovisual.
Operación Crusoe, by Fran González.
Black News, by Ocho Monos.




17:00h-23:00h: Screening of short films in competition.

Incómodo, by Toni López Bautista (Spain).
Tin & Tina, by Rubin Stein (Spain).
Happy B-day, by Holger Frick (Germany).
Audacia, by Hatem Khraiche Ruiz-Zorrilla (Spain).
Death of a shadow, by Tom Van Avermaet (France/ Belgium).
Second wind, by Sergey Tsyss (Russia).
Candyhearts, by Joan Martín Giménez (Spain).
Curfew, by Shawn Christensen (USA).
Cólera, by Aritz Moreno (Spain).
Mr. Bear, by Andrés Rosende (Spain).
La Leonera, by Estíbaliz Burgaleta and Alegría Collantes (Spain).
Prólogo, by Lucas Figueroa (Spain).

Award ceremony and Closing.
Tribute to Colin Arthur, the magician of special effects.
Closing party at the bar of L’Escorxador.


You can download the hand program in PDF from this link (in Spanish).