In its third edition, Elche International Fantastic Film Festival – FANTAELX celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of “The Lord of the Rings”, paying tribute to the literary work of the British writer J. R. R. Tolkien. In commemoration, the work “Tolkien’s Road“, by Nye Green, was screened.


A new program of activities was also designed to watch on the big screen outstanding short films of fantastic genre in three categories: international, national and Alicante.


As complementary activities, a new edition of the colloquium “The Fantastic Panorama in Alicante” was carried out, in which several projects, contextualized within the fantastic genre, were presented.




















Best international short film: “Gwilliam“, by Brian Lonano.



Best national short film: “El bosque negro“, by Paul Urkijo Alijo.



Best short film from Alicante: “El sótano“, by Manuel Galipienso.



Special mention: “They Will All Die in Space“, de Javier Chillón.




Saturday, November 14, 2015.

Place: L’Escorxador.
Conducted by the actress Maite Mateo.

11h-13:30h: Colloquium “The fantastic panorama in Alicante”.

Conducted by the journalist Óscar González, 8 fantastic genre projects are presented, covering different disciplines:



Asylum, with Vizen G. Hernández.

A secluded hospital in the mountain that welcomes critically ill patients of different kinds is almost completely evicted because of the proximity of the conflict. The tension is growing as time goes by and temperatures start to drop although everything seems to be controlled. A young woman who has been hospitalized for two years for a mental problem ensures that a girl has spent the night in her room. Feature film project.









Tenebrarum Cinema, with Maxi Velloso.

Tenebrarum Cinema is a horror series created for television, consists of seven episodes from a first season, six from a second and thirteen from a third.





Azarkia rol en vivo, with Jaume Brotons.

For 5 years, live role games have been organized, with different settings, but being an epic fantasy itself, in which the players give life to a character and whose actions will shape the course and outcome of the story.







Cabeza Voladora, with Arly Jones and Sami Natsheh.

Musical video “Up in the Sky”. Mixing real image and animation, a little story of hope is told.










Documento OVNI, una historia de evolución, with Jorge Sánchez Lamadrid.

Documentary that is born from another previous project, of literary type, with the same name, which was finalist in a contest at national level by the publishing house “Ediciones Oblicuas”.












Hiperficción, with Miguel Herrero.

The book Hiperficción is a multidisciplinary essay (literature, film, videogames, visual arts, performing arts, etc.) made in the style of the “Choose your own adventure” books. It has five or more possible reading itineraries and more than 40 additional contents. Links to videos, documentaries, trailers, interviews, reports, interactive productions and websites, which can be viewed through the use of QR codes or from the web of the film and publishing company Cinestesia.










King Lucas, with David Ferriz.

King Lucas is a video game of action, adventure and platforms in 2.5 dimensions, which many have already compared with the classic Maze of Galious. The game is set in a castle composed of more than 1000 interconnected rooms, which are reconfigured each time we start a new game.











Star Wars Alicante (SWA), with Toni Rico.

Group of followers of Star Wars in Alicante that carry out events and activities related to the Galactic Saga.











16h-18:30h: Screening of short films in competition.


Tolkien’s Road, by Nye Green (USA).

Opening short film, out of competition, which tells the inner struggle of J. R. R. Tolkien to overcome their traumas of war to recover their imagination.



They will all die in space, by Javier Chillón (Spain).
Pulsión sangrienta, by Gerard Tusquellas (Spain).
Ente, by Alberto Aniorte (Spain).
Knock Knock!, by Maxence Rapp (France).
Gwilliam, by Brian Lonano (USA).
Last memory, by Juan Luis Moreno (Spain).
Vicious, by Oliver Park (UK).
Bonastra, by Joan Martín Giménez (Spain).
El caminante, by Aarón Lillo and Andrés Romero (Alicante).
Manías, by Santi Capuz (Spain).





19:00h-21:00h: Screening of short films in competition.

El trueno rojo, by Álvaro Ron (Spain).
The fisherman, by Alejandro Suárez (Spain).
Avant, by Arthur Tabuteau (France).
El sótano, by Manuel Galipienso (Alicante).
Acabo de tener un sueño, by Javier Navarro (Spain).
Looking for, by Hui Kai (USA).
Titán, by Álvaro González (Spain).
Flash, by Alberto Ruiz (Spain).
El bosque negro, by Paul Urkijo Alijo (Spain).
Mr. Dentonn, by Iván Villamel (Spain).

21:00h-21:30h: Award ceremony and Closing.

22:00h: Dinner at Restaurante Gigante Brutus Elche Centro *

23:30h: Party at Glass Corner *

* With discount for festival attendees. Located on Eugenio d’Ors Street No. 4, next to the Congress Center.

You can download the hand program in PDF from this link (in Spanish).


You can access the photo gallery from this link

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